[Half-assed summary] No. 6


Title: No. 6

Author: Asano Atsuko || Artist: Kino Hinoki

Manga: 9 volumes (35 chapters) || Anime: 11 episodes || Light Novel: 9 volumes

Genre: Science fiction, shounen-ai

Six perfect cities. One boy with an intense curiosity about the world he lives in, and wondering why it feels like there’s something wrong, or why does he feel like he doesn’t fit in. A stormy night, a door left opened. A wounded boy looking for a shelter from the storm. The meeting of these two boys will change the course of their lives from thereon, as well as the fate of the city called No. 6.

I’m going to follow a standard format my reviews from now on, half-assed they may be. This is the first one to be organized in this way (though technically, this is my third review. My first and second [half-assed] review’s here and here). Anyways.

Be warned: spoilers(?) abound.

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