Eternal Summer

eternal suffer

Or more likely, eternal suffer(ing). From all the feels the show gave me.

Two years after Free! Eternal Summer aired, I finally able to finish watching it. In one sitting. Yep. I was too late in the swimming game.

Tbh I have watched it a couple of months after it ended, but I somehow never got around in finishing it. I still have this habit of waiting for a series to end before I could watch it, because I prefer doing it in one (or two) sittings. Just like when I watched Monster for one whole week during my birthday, eagerly anticipating whether Kenzo Tenma will actually kill Johan Liebert or not. Yes, I spent my birthday week off work to watch an anime. Yes, I am a boring person.

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Yay, it matched!

Officially changing my domain name to match my blog. I am now

Well, it’s just a simple update, but this is better. And I’m happy.

Blog re-evaluation

I decided to make a clean sweep of this blog for the first time, after being created years ago (I think it was 2011-12). My first “real” blog was located at When they suddenly announced that they’ll be closing the site off to moochers like me, they gave us the option that we can still continue keeping the blog–for a price. For a student like me then, it’s not worth it, and my thoughts back then are as unorganized as ever. So I left begrudgingly.

I still remember transferring over WordPress after a short stint at Blogger (which I find the interface quite mundane–sorry Blogger), only to discover days after that I feel like I don’t belong there (girl’s intuition, I guess?) So, here I am at WordPress! So far I liked my stay here.

But looking over my first few posts (when this is NOT yet a blog solely for BL things), I saw a lot of cringe-worthy stuff. Never knew I could be that corny. Hahaha. So I decided to remove them, not just because it was corny (it really was) but because I want a clean slate. I wanted my blog to be more reflecting on what the About Me page tries to explain. I think it is my right to do what I wanted on this blog, and I am not denying nor betraying my old corny self on doing this. Just like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, I need to burn down all remaining vestiges of my corny self so I can rise again and serve the current purpose of this blog.

Having NO friends in real life that share the same interest as me, I think this blog is an apt outlet to express my fangirling and thoughts on my hobby, alongside Twitter and Tumblr. They really DO help me a lot in keeping myself sane and happy. Not that my real life is a mess, it’s just that it’s simply boring.

A lot of shitty things are cropping up at work, while financially things are getting tight. During this point in my life, what I’m really looking forward every single day aside from lots of sleep, drinking coffee (no matter how cheap it was), seeing my cats, rest days and paydays, is to read even just a single chapter of manga (whether BL or not) or immersing myself on a real book. They’re a total lifesaver.

After deleting the corny stuff all that remains from the past posts are reblogged stuff that interests me one way or the other. I guess there won’t be any harm in keeping them.

“A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues

Too bad I only have the volume 1. I read it because I am very intrigued with the story; too bad it was discontinued. If I only knew. I saw the 2nd volume  a year ago in one of the thrift bookstores, but I didn’t buy it. I should’ve. Sigh. I still didn’t learn from my mistakes.

Source: “A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues

Surprise, surprise

It’s 2am today and I’m not yet done cleaning my emails and managing my subscriptions. But I found a surprise in one of my mails, a list of songs I listened way back 2012 (a list of my 2012 VL credits attached to boot). The titles are intriguing enough, which for sure the me today would understand why the 2012 me saved it way back for future reference.

Which made me wonder, what was I thinking that time I first listened to the songs? What feelings did these songs roused in me?

These two were somber, melancholic. Gorgeous and haunting, as one commenter puts it.

This one’s beat is kinda funky, and I liked it. I can now remember being intrigued by the cyberpunk-ish image (it’s just audio) and the story it tries to tell me.

two ships

Now I remember why. I had this post-rock fever years ago. Every night I’d listen to Mogwai, Sigur Ros, God is an Astronaut, Tides from Nebula, Caspian, Mono, etc. There’s something with the genre that captivated me. Let’s say that it’s like poetry. I may not be able to understand exactly what the words/melody meant, but the feelings they invoke are quite clear.

We’ll now the fever’s subsided, I don’t listen to post-rock that much these days, but those feelings are still with me. As much as I wanted to listen to them again as often as I could, too bad the office environment can be quite noisy, so listening to these artists made it more difficult. I guess I’ll just listen to them while I’m at home.