[snips] Neko to Spica


Posting here yet another screenshot of a manga I may or may not review. Idk anymore..but it’s so cute isn’t?

Manga: Neko to Spica (Cat and Spica)

Mangaka: Hatoya Tama

Scanlated: Yes

Chapters: 1 volume, 4 chapters (+ 1 side story and an extra chapter)

Warning: NSFW under the cut, naturally.

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Feng Yu Jia Tian thoughts

BL (read: boy’s love, aka m2m, aka boy to boy, etc.) novels have been around since forever, but since I am always late in knowing whatever’s going on around me, it was only a few months ago that I did actually decided to download some. Of course, feeling really comfortable and familiar with Japanese stuff, I read the Japanese ones, like Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai.

But then I discovered something new: Chinese BL manhua (and novels).

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