[Half-assed summary] Ani no Hanashi


Title: Ani no Hanashi

Mangaka: Ike Reibun

Complete: Yes || Chapters: 3

Genre: Shounen-ai

Fumitaka looks up to his older brother Takahiro: he’s an obedient son, taking care of him and their sickly grandmother while their mother works as a nurse. He’s also good at soccer, and manages to get good grades to boot. Little did he know that his brother has a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know.

This manga is close to my heart; it’s kinda rare to read stuff like this. And I am a fan of Ike Reibun’s totally hot scenes, manly men and very detailed and breathtaking art. Though you won’t read any smexy scenes in this story, but what the heck.

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