[Side by side] Seven Days movie and manga


Title: Seven Days – Monday → Thursday || Seven Days – Friday → Sunday

Mangaka: Takarai Rihito || Author: Tachibana Venio || Director: Kenji Yokoi

Complete: Yes (Manga: 2007 || Movie: 2015–2 parts)

Volumes: 2  || Extra chapter: Seven Days Overflow (released 2013(?), not yet translated in English)

Genre: Shounen-ai

Two boys are popular in this school for two different reasons: Seryou, who was looking for that “special someone,” goes out with anyone who asked him, only to break up with them after a week; Shino, a princely-looking guy that excels in archery, ends up being dumped by girls after knowing what he really is on the inside. One fateful morning at the school gates. Seven days. Will Seryou finally find that “special someone” in Shino?  Will Seryou accept Shino for what he really is?

“My female friends say seven days is long enough for a dream. But seven days were long enough to fall in love.”

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I decided NOT to watch the Attack on Titan movie

But before you kill me, let me finish what I’m saying. I decided NOT to watch the Attack on Titan movie in cinemas. I’ll still watch it. But I will wait for the DVD version.

Why? I heard a lot of comments saying it was bad. And now I’m scared, especially since Levi isn’t there (do I still need to explain how much I love that character??) But of course I have to see it for myself. I’ll try my very best not to compare it with the anime (and especially the manga), because that’s the way you should watch it.

[Half-assed review] I just watched Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, and oh boy..

So today I don’t have an internet connection (I think it’s because I haven’t paid my pocket wifi for 4 months now..oops *blushes*), I decided to watch something, whatever movie/series I have previously saved on my laptop to kill some time. I ended up with Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (A Romantic Tale of a Foreign Love Affair) and Junjou (“Pure Heart”), a BL (boy’s love) anime OVA and Japanese movie, respectively.

I’ve saved these two a looooong time ago, but I never had the time (and courage, of all things, what the hell) to watch them. After reading lots of BL mangas and watching some OVAs, I still get ticklish (gross! nyahaha, kidding) whenever I see two boys doing their thing..what’s more, when you’re watching them, it’s fun, because they’re “literally” moving! Kyaaa~

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