[Half-assed review] Gelateria Supernova


Title: Gelateria Supernova

Mangaka: Kitahala Lyee

Completed? Yes (but extra chapter still not translated) || Chapters: 5 + extra

Genre: Yaoi

Two guys meet every weekend in an old gelato shop by the park. The younger one always buy the vanilla flavor, the older guy, whatever flavor he fancied. They eat it outside, then they go to the younger man’s house to have sex.

I’m gonna take a break from reviewing Yuri!!! On Ice for now. I’m still a fan of this show, mind you, but too much fangirling messed up my brain I think, so I need some distraction. Writing the reviews from episodes 1-4 took a toll on my poor fujoshi heart (and the fact that I got tired writing them because they were so fucking long, I’m sure no one read them in their entirety). The latest episodes did not help either. I’m now a 100% slave for Victor and Yuuri.

So, here we are with a manga that tugged at my heartstrings this stormy afternoon. Just the right story to lift my spirits while I’m busy battling colds, cough, mouth sores, and an ear infection. Ugh.

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[Half-assed summary] Thank You My God


Title: Thank You My God

Mangaka: Hideki Kawai

Complete: Yes || Chapters: 6 (+ extra)

Genre: Yaoi

Nico ran away from home, leaving his mother and younger brother Will. After suffering from hardships and even almost dying, he eventually settled in a small town in Brazil, but not without the help of some kind people there. Three years after, Will suddenly appeared on his doorstep, convincing him to come back home. He refuses, and won’t tell Will the reason why. 

This manga was a tad dramatic, but good thing it ended nicely. I was expecting some sort of incest-y story, but boy I was wrong. So wrong. And it was good.

Nope, this is not a religious story. If it was I wouldn’t have included it here.

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Hollywood to remake 1993 Japanese film based on popular manga “Lone Wolf and Cub” — RocketNews24

SP International Pictures announced it will remake one of several classic Japanese films based on the beloved manga epic, Lone Wolf and Cub. Lone Wolf and Cub, the feudal era samurai revenge epic, is practically a holy tome for manga geeks – although, at a total of 8,700 pages over 28 volumes, it’s more than…

via Hollywood to remake 1993 Japanese film based on popular manga “Lone Wolf and Cub” — RocketNews24

[Side by side] Seven Days movie and manga


Title: Seven Days – Monday → Thursday || Seven Days – Friday → Sunday

Mangaka: Takarai Rihito || Author: Tachibana Venio || Director: Kenji Yokoi

Complete: Yes (Manga: 2007 || Movie: 2015–2 parts)

Volumes: 2  || Extra chapter: Seven Days Overflow (released 2013(?), not yet translated in English)

Genre: Shounen-ai

Two boys are popular in this school for two different reasons: Seryou, who was looking for that “special someone,” goes out with anyone who asked him, only to break up with them after a week; Shino, a princely-looking guy that excels in archery, ends up being dumped by girls after knowing what he really is on the inside. One fateful morning at the school gates. Seven days. Will Seryou finally find that “special someone” in Shino?  Will Seryou accept Shino for what he really is?

“My female friends say seven days is long enough for a dream. But seven days were long enough to fall in love.”

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[Half-assed summary] Ito-san


Title: Ito-san

Mangaka: Kuraka Sui

Complete: Yes || Volumes: 1

Genre: Yaoi

A young prostitute has a regular visitor every Tuesday night (with a weird taste in fashion). He does not hurt him nor force him to have sex though. One day he gives him a suitcase filled with money, and tells him to quit his job and “do what he really wants.” Just who really is he?

Be warned:Yaoi. And aside from spoilers, it’s kinda NSFW. 

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“A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues

Too bad I only have the volume 1. I read it because I am very intrigued with the story; too bad it was discontinued. If I only knew. I saw the 2nd volume  a year ago in one of the thrift bookstores, but I didn’t buy it. I should’ve. Sigh. I still didn’t learn from my mistakes.

Source: “A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues