2015 Reads [fic/nonfic – Final]

Too late to start my to-read countdown, but alas, since this is included in my New Year’s resolution (together with the daily morning run/walks), I have to keep it going. No exact number on how many books I should have read by the end of the year, what’s important is to keep on reading while there’s time to do so. Usually every lunch time at work, or before sleeping, or while eating out, or while commuting from work.

  • The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte (done! It was nice, but actually got confused at what happened in the end. Could have been the author was not able to imply it more clearly, but most probably I’m not paying attention. And hey, what with this fad of pairing a young woman in her early 20s to a man who’s as old as her father?! What the hey! This book fell right into that trope! Ugh)
  • The Blind Concubine by Xi Ni (this is soooo fuckin’ sad. I dunno why in some cultures, self-sacrifice is a trait, just like one of the characters in this imperial period Chinese BL novel. Reminded of me of the movie Raise the Red Lantern. I bawled afterwards, I swear. The ending is so sad)
  • Hua Hua You Long by Xing Bao Er (yet another imperial period Chinese BL novel. Shows influences from wuxia novels. Okay, the leading man is an asshole, and his unfortunate partner (the other leading man) is not as good as he seems since he’s a bandit, but then again the former is more of an asshole compared to the latter. That friggin’ asshole made the other guy look like an innocent lamb. I disliked how the story unfolded, it can be bloody and cruel at times, but I kept reading it)
  • In These Words by Kichiku Neko and TogaQ (manga). I’ll include this in my list since I brought a physical copy. Granted it’s not cheap (you can buy 3-4 books with that price), but this is my first time ever owning a physical copy of a yaoi manga. And it’s totally worth it. Had to hide it from my parents though. Lol.

I think I have read a couple more than what I’ve listed here, so for now I’ll try to remember what the rest are. Sheesh, what a scatterbrain of a person I am.



Never thought there was an interview with Aleksandr Voinov..this is nice! I feel like he’s just right there talking in front of me.

*Now, off to reading Mercenaries II. Yay! ❤

"Boys in Our Books"...

Sue interviews freefic author Aleksandr Voinov

Sue: First of all Aleks, I’d like to sincerely thank you and Marquesate for creating my most beloved story of all time… Tell me, did you have any idea while writing this that it would have this kind of impact on leagues of readers? Did you sense you had made something so special?

Aleks: Absolutely not. From my perspective, it was “just playing”, one of those crazy things you do to entertain yourself. We were posting some bits and pieces in a forum, and people were asking to read more, so we did. It built quickly from there, but the size and vehemence of the response left me largely baffled. By now, I kinda get it, but I don’t think you can manufacture this kind of response. It is driven by people recommending it everywhere.

Sue: Special Forces covers a lot of very…

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Spend money on books, not food

I’m so happy I remembered my promise of updating this blog as often as I could. It’s one of my resolutions in 2015 that I will definitely accomplish no matter what. So here I am again, typing nonsensical things for the sake of updating. Haha. Just kidding.

I want to say that I went to the local thrift bookstore yesterday. What caught my eye was 1) Bonfire of the Vanities (Tom Wolfe), and 2) Detective (Arthur Hailey).

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