Dancing on the Blades: Yuri!!! on Ice (episode 4)


Even if you do a dogeza right now, I’m still kinda pissed off, just like Victor…

We are having a little more toned-down episode compared to last week’s eros-packed episode 3. But will your ovaries finally manage to take a break from all this gayness? I don’t think so! ^__^

We’ll be seeing the aftermath of the Onsen on Ice, how it affected Yurio, and what will become of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship from now on.

Also, some animation variation and frustrations. Looks like the episode that we’ve seen is different from the Japan-aired version. Ugh.

Note: as usual, this post has tons of images under the cut.

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Dancing on the Blades: Yuri!!! on Ice (episode 3)


I totally love it that Yuri’s name is now Yurio. He can’t escape it now! Mwahahaha!

The showdown begins in this episode! Who will win, Yuuri or Yurio?

Now the music has been chosen, it’s time to study the routines themselves! Will Yuuri be able to express Eros without a fuss? Will Yurio be able to surpass him with his Agape and take Victor to Russia with him?? Super exciting!!!

I just realized I’m starting to act like Newscaster Morioka here. Sheesh.

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Dancing on the Blades: Yuri!!! on Ice (episode 2)


My body is ready for episode 2!!!

Episode 1 passed by with a lot of fanfare. It was well-received by fujoshis and fudanshis, as well as a real-life skater, and even Japanese BL mangakas alike. Tumblr exploded with tons of fan art and screencaps of the show, fanfics from Archive of Our Own doubled.

This show is totally on the right track so far. Following up an action-packed episode 1, looks like it’s not going to tone down the yaoi hints, and I’m totally loving it! This show certainly outgays itself every episode!!!

The anime airs on TV Asahi, around 2:20 AM in Japan (that’s 1:20 AM here in the Philippines). I’m still at work around this time *sobs* so by the time I get home, I’m already a couple of hours late for the fanfare. Oh well. That’s life.

Stop blabbering, me. Let’s review episode 2, shall we?

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Dancing on the Blades: Yuri!!! on Ice OP and ED


My soul and my body has been completely taken over by Yuri!!! on Ice. The next few posts will be about me blabbering about it like an idiot, so I’m apologizing in advance. Since I already posted the summary+review for episode 1, right now I’ll be talking about the opening and ending songs, which are both lovely. It’s hard to resist not to analyze and break down the details of these two as they are really made for the show. It tells us a fuckton of stuff and not just entertain us with character antics that may not be shown in the show itself.

If you want to watch and/or listen to it first, here’s History Maker (OP) by Dean Fujioka, and You Only Live Once (ED), by Wataru Hatano.

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Memories of 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, or the Gospel of A New Century – part 2


Are you mocking me? Do you realize the intensity of headaches you gave me while watching this at 4:00 in the morning?!

“This is what an anime should be,” that’s what I thought while I was watching the first few episodes of NGE (22 to be exact, in two sittings). Oh boooy, so good. I’m totally relishing those beautifully drawn and animated scenes, the astounding level of detail, heck, I was shivering from so much excitement though my face looked so deadpan while watching it (must. act. adult). No episode was boring for me. Every episode had my panties in a knot and and my breath on hold. Can’t even blink, damn it.

The story is so ingenious. Though you might be dissing on the last two episodes, you cannot deny that this is an absolute work of art. The  story, the pacing, the concept, the characters, they’re flawless. It’s a novel concept unheard during its time. Though the anime left me with so many questions (which I have to watch the rest of the installments for hope of understanding the ending, or maybe I’ll never will), I can truly say that I was satisfied overall.

That last 2 episodes eerily reminded me of ErgoProxy, another anime that left me stumped on my seat after (I still didn’t understand its ending until now, to be honest, and I’ve watched it like 4 years ago).

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Memories of 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, or the Gospel of A New Century – part 1


I think you already know what I’m referring to.

Never knew that it was the literal translation of Shin Seiki Evangerion, more popularly known as Neon Genesis Evangelion. I checked it while typing this review, and it dawned on me that the literal translation makes more sense to me, and definitely in tune with the religious and pyschological elements it purportedly incorporates into the anime.

I am not ashamed to say that this was the first time that I’ll be seeing this anime ever since it was released in 1995. It arrived in our country, dubbed in our native language, in 1998. I was a third grader then. I still have the hangover from Magic Knight Rayearth, I love it to fucking bits, and after the initial airing, it had a single round of replay for both first and second season when they decided to pull the plug on it, and replaced it with NGE. I was furious. Totally furious. And I decided to ignore the anime well enough until now.

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Eternal Summer

eternal suffer

Or more likely, eternal suffer(ing). From all the feels the show gave me.

Two years after Free! Eternal Summer aired, I finally able to finish watching it. In one sitting. Yep. I was too late in the swimming game.

Tbh I have watched it a couple of months after it ended, but I somehow never got around in finishing it. I still have this habit of waiting for a series to end before I could watch it, because I prefer doing it in one (or two) sittings. Just like when I watched Monster for one whole week during my birthday, eagerly anticipating whether Kenzo Tenma will actually kill Johan Liebert or not. Yes, I spent my birthday week off work to watch an anime. Yes, I am a boring person.

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