Maiden Rose is coming back!

maiden rose is coming back

Maiden Rose (Hyakujitsu no Bara), a yaoi manga by Inariya Fusanosuke, will finally resume after years of being in hiatus.

The release the will be on March 31, 2018, in the May issue of ihr HertZ magazine.

Two soldiers from warring countries are bound by a pledge as master and servant. Taki Reizen is a commander of sublime beauty, shouldering the fate of his nation. Called “Mad Dog” because of his rough temperament, Klaus von Wolfstadt has sworn his loyalty to him as a knight. Despite this, those around them are cold and disapproving, full of various misgivings. For all their genuine feelings, what will come of love made cruel by the violence of war?  – from Baka-Updates


2 thoughts on “Maiden Rose is coming back!

  1. This is the best news I could wish for, so many years waiting and now is true! TuT I have just finished re-reading the manga like for fifth time and searched about the hiatus just to check and, BOOM! a wonder! I’m soooo happy I can’t wait to read new chapters T.T This is heaven, thank you so much for sharing the marvelous news ❤

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    • I know right! It’s so nice that sensei was finally legally allowed to continue publishing her manga. I really wanted to share the Maiden Rose love to everyone! 🙂


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