[Half-assed review] Gelateria Supernova


Title: Gelateria Supernova

Mangaka: Kitahala Lyee

Completed? Yes (but extra chapter still not translated) || Chapters: 5 + extra

Genre: Yaoi

Two guys meet every weekend in an old gelato shop by the park. The younger one always buy the vanilla flavor, the older guy, whatever flavor he fancied. They eat it outside, then they go to the younger man’s house to have sex.

I’m gonna take a break from reviewing Yuri!!! On Ice for now. I’m still a fan of this show, mind you, but too much fangirling messed up my brain I think, so I need some distraction. Writing the reviews from episodes 1-4 took a toll on my poor fujoshi heart (and the fact that I got tired writing them because they were so fucking long, I’m sure no one read them in their entirety). The latest episodes did not help either. I’m now a 100% slave for Victor and Yuuri.

So, here we are with a manga that tugged at my heartstrings this stormy afternoon. Just the right story to lift my spirits while I’m busy battling colds, cough, mouth sores, and an ear infection. Ugh.

Who was the author, really

This is the first piece I’ve read from this mangaka.

I really don’t know anything about her (or him?) It seems like she’s an upcoming mangaka as she only started publishing her works last year. The weird part is it’s not even in Baka Updates. (Edit: Found it. Turns out a simple search within the site won’t do, even if I even spelled it correctly. Weird…)

The story in a nutshell

Two guys met through a messaging app, and on their first meeting the older guy wanted ice cream, so they went to this old and quaint gelato shop. He always buy different flavors each week, and always asks the other guy if he doesn’t get tired of choosing the vanilla flavor every time. Soon enough it became their weekly habit: buy gelato first, then go to the younger guy’s house to have sex. They only knew each other by their usernames.

Then the younger guy slowly realized that the weekly meetups doesn’t seem to satisfy him anymore. He started craving for something more. But he decided against it, thinking that it’s fruitless to fall in love with someone you only meet to have sex with.

When the gelato shop closed for almost three months, they just send each other messages and the older guy just goes straight to his house.

One Friday night, the younger guy called the other guy out of the blue, but when they arrived at his house, the older guy just watched TV, while he fell asleep right away. Nothing happened between them that night.

Much to his surprise, the next morning, he saw the older guy lying beside him, watching him sleep. That was the very first time that they had sex during the day.

After that, the older guy vanished without a trace.

They hadn’t seen each other for months, and the younger guy got busy mending his broken heart with his thesis, graduation plans, and job hunting.

He still goes back to the gelato shop, but this time, he’s trying out all the flavors except vanilla. He thinks that once he’s able to try all the rest of the flavors, then he can finally move on.

Then a familiar person asked if he can sit beside him.

True feelings were confessed, the older guy asks for another chance, finally giving out his real name. He wants to start over. Then the younger guy told him his real name.

Some warnings

I must say anyone should take this story with a grain of salt.

First of all, you don’t invite strangers to your house, especially if you don’t even know their names. And even if you do know, it’s not an excuse to let them in to your house. You might end up getting robbed or abused or something.

Second, do not allow a stranger to have sex with you without protection. That’s a big no-no! Well, yeah, the older guy here looks hot, but aren’t all main characters in manga very hot? But still, it’s not an excuse, no matter how pretty or handsome the other person is. Protect yourself AT ALL TIMES. I don’t really give a damn about people having one-night stands in real life, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not take care of yourself. Always practice safe sex, boys (and girls too)!

Is the story good enough?

I can say yes, in a way. It ended beautifully, if you ask me.

The first few chapters of the story is quite ordinary, to be honest, especially if you’ve read a lot of yaoi mangas that deals with one-night stands.

It’s a slice of life yaoi manga. It’s about a college student and an older guy in modern-day Japan. Nothing mind-blowing about that. If I must say, with the exception of the ending, real-life encounters like this DO happen in real life. The plot’s that simple, and that’s what I like about it. It seems so real.

Do not expect painstaking, beautifully-illustrated and overly complicated character designs and art. The art is good, with just the right amount of detail, and it’s quite up to my taste.

But that ending, damn. I love it. If you’ve seen me while reading this, you’d hear “Aww..” over and over again.

What makes this manga beautiful is that there are no promise of happy endings, that what they can only do is try. As the Naoki (the older guy) said:

That just made the story more believable and genuine, if you ask me.

It’s not the best one-night stand story there is, but I highly suggest reading this.



P.S.: Not my scans. The translated chapter was skilfully done by Sirelo (I’ve read this story from My Reading Manga).  If you’re the owner of the scans and you read my post, just message me if you want me to remove this.


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