Dancing on the Blades: Yuri!!! on Ice (episode 4)


Even if you do a dogeza right now, I’m still kinda pissed off, just like Victor…

We are having a little more toned-down episode compared to last week’s eros-packed episode 3. But will your ovaries finally manage to take a break from all this gayness? I don’t think so! ^__^

We’ll be seeing the aftermath of the Onsen on Ice, how it affected Yurio, and what will become of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship from now on.

Also, some animation variation and frustrations. Looks like the episode that we’ve seen is different from the Japan-aired version. Ugh.

Note: as usual, this post has tons of images under the cut.

Onsen on Ice is now over, and Yuuri is back to his regular routine. However, despite that embrace in episode 3, he reverted to his usual awkward self around Victor. Where did that sexy katsudon image go, Yuuri? (My code name for Yuuri is #sexykatsudon thanks to episode 3. Lol)


Always make sure to kneel before that stunning visage of a man that is Victor Nikiforov.

Well, he’s been admiring the guy from the sidelines for years, it’s hard to shake off the feeling. I understand this, because I’ve seen some model (who’s not even famous) before, but he’s so freaking handsome and tall, looking like a mannequin, and I can’t even look at him in the eye. I just froze on the spot and talked to him with my head bowed. What more if you’ve seen your childhood hero, or your ultimate idol, or the guy/girl of your dreams? Anyone would definitely freak out just like Yuuri.

This is kinda double-edged sword for him. Here is Victor, going all the way from Russia to teach him, and yet they can’t talk comfortably still. He’s too timid and shy around him. He still haven’t conquered that barrier yet. And yet he must. He’s running out of time. Grand Prix Finals is just around the corner.

Sigh, another animation recycling at the 2-minute mark. But oh well. It hasn’t diminished my love for this show.


I’m starting to think that Victor is an exhibitionist of sorts. Look back, Yuuri! That view is especially for you! *snicker* (That damn statue is sooo lucky..)

I’m not really sure if it’s because we’ll only have 12 episodes for this season that the writers and producers have been very generous with us, giving us loads of body shots of Victor in almost every episode. If it’s not his butt, it’s his chest, or his entire body. It’s like a requirement of sorts. But I’m not complaining, ok?? Don’t stop doing that, I’m just saying 🙂

Despite that delicious (and somewhat goofy) scene, we are getting crucial information here. He wants Yuuri to focus on the program components, which is his main strength. He may not land the jumps perfectly at all times despite his stamina, but he’s really good in his spins and steps, and Victor wants him to take advantage of that. Remember what he said to the young Yurio in episode 2: a skater can get a high score even without quads (is this the right word? Correct me if I’m wrong). I think in the real-life scoring system, quads are still important, but the main idea that Victor is trying to drill in here is that you don’t need to do it every single time, or to solely rely on it. A good grasp of the basics in any sport or discipline is very important regardless if you’re already in the advanced level or something.

Crunchyroll vs. Japanese version + fangirling

Here I’ll start nitpicking nitpicking on the version that was released for the rest of the world. It was rumored that the version Crunchyroll got was the unfinished version, which was censored and quite different compared to the one that was aired in Japan. The animation quality was noticeable lower too. Ugh. Moving forward to this post if you see two identical posts, the first one will be from Crunchyroll, then the Japanese raws second.


What the heck?! It’s not like we’ve already seen everything on Victor’s body! (Well, maybe we don’t, but Yuuri definitely did!)


Ahhh, so much better. (His legs are nicer than mine, dammit)

We’re not yet passing the 5-minute mark and we’re already bombarded with intense skinship again. I just can’t. My ovaries are going to collapse…


Ahhhh, those beautiful buns ❤



The Japanese version is soooo much better, if you know what I mean… ^_^

Okay, back to the topic

These two often forget they are not regular people, but they are world-renowned skaters. People often see them in moments like this, not to mention, the use of social media has been a huge driving force of this show. And yet it seems like they, or more accurately, Victor, doesn’t care a bit. Oh how I wish I can transport myself inside this anime so I can fangirl to my heart’s content. You know, just to cheer them on.. 🙂

ep4_old man.jpg

That other kid will become a fudanshi when he grows up, believe me. And that old man? That was me and the rest of the fujoshis and fudanshis who were watching this episode, thanking the Yaoi Gods for such beautiful sight.

I wonder what the people of Hasetsu had been thinking about this..for sure the people will talk..teehee.

The show is clever enough to fill us in with relevant details while showing us a lot of skin and intense physical contact such as this. Victor wants Yuuri to choose his own music for the free skate program, something that Yuuri never did before successfully.

This is another evidence of Yuuri’s weak-heartedness. It’s not a bad thing to trust your coach. But not everything is dependent on him/her, since you’ll be the one to do the routine. And not all coaches are nice and cares a lot about their athletes. For someone who cares a lot about his craft, any artist will try their best to gain freedom over his art. And yet Yuuri leaves up to his coach such crucial decisions. No wonder Victor wants to change this attitude for good. He doesn’t want Yuuri to be just a passive student, he wants him to have an active role on their coach/student relationship.

ep4_tell him.jpg

Yeah, Yuuri, tell him. TELL HIM EVERYTHING. If you know what I mean. *wink*

Yuuri manages to wrap up the loose ends nicely with his previous coach, Celestino Cialdini, who doesn’t seem to buy the idea of Victor coaching Yuuri. But that conversation gave Victor more clues about Yuuri’s personality. He decides to give the music Yuuri chose a quick listen.

Meanwhile, on Russia, Yurio has found an ally with Yuko. She constantly gives him news about Yuuri and Victor.


Yep. Just chillin’.

And below we have another instance of repeating animations. Nothing personal, it’s just hard to ignore. Yuuri’s scene was lifted straight from episode 2.

Only the backgrounds were different (and their facial expressions?) Well, let’s chalk it up to the fact that this is a part of compulsory movements that skaters do during practice, so it will definitely pop up more often than we realize.

It seemed that coming to Japan changed Yurio a lot. Being an angsty teenager who thinks he can do anything, Yurio suddenly got serious in practicing. In a way, going head-to-head with Yuuri was a good experience over all. That made him realize that there are people who will be better than him, and he has to continuously practice if he wants to stay on top.

To help him with his practice, Yakov commissioned his ex-wife, the former prima ballerina Lilia Baranovskaya. Things are getting more interesting..

After listening to Yuuri’s chosen piece, Victor advised him to look for other pieces to use. Clearly, that is not a “contest” piece; it’s not powerful enough to help the skater convey his feelings to his audience.

In this episode we are seeing the differences between Yuuri and Yurio’s practice. While Yurio is breaking his back with world-class training from a prima ballerina, Yuuri goes on with the usual. And I’m not belittling Victor’s training regimen. He already has the skills, and as Victor sees it, he only need a little more push on the emotional and psychological aspects, and he’ll do well. Meanwhile, while his short stay in Japan had done him good, Yurio still has a lot of catching up to do so he can take his skating more seriously.

Time is running short, and yet Yuuri still hasn’t chosen a piece for his routine. Over the next few days he avoided Victor as much as he could, because he’s still feeling embarrassed that he couldn’t decide on such things quickly.

ep4_yuuri's playlist.jpg

It’s really hard to choose a piece when your playlist looks like that. :p Oh, hey there, Pichit-kun!

Victor decides to take matters in his own hands, and he takes Yuuri to the beach.

Yuuri still has a lot of doubts. He’s having seconds thoughts on what he’s going to do. But Victor assures him that he is not weak, and his family, friends, and Victor himself, is just behind Yuuri to support him.

But then Victor pops that question.



Looks like Victor is game enough to adapt himself to Yuuri’s needs. Father figure? No. Brother? No. So the last option would be..


*chanting fujoshis and fudanshis all over the world* YES! YESS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Take note that he’s using koibito (lover) again here.


I can hear Victor saying “Ganbatte…” So I guess maybeI can try my best” is a good enough translation. Damn it Victor, you’re gonna kill us at this rate! It’s only episode 4!


Guys and gals, we have to be patient with Yuuri for the meantime. It’s only a couple of months since Victor arrived. If we’re going to be realistic here, you don’t fall in love with someone this fast. You’ll have to know them a little, ahem, better. On a more serious note, I think that the admiration Yuuri has for Victor is still of a fan to his idol at this time.

But the next part is the stuff of fanfic lore..I’m sorry, it’s just hard to ignore..



Don’t be shy, Yuuri! Just open up whatever it is that needs to be opened up.. O__O

…okay, I’ll see myself out. :-p

Going back to the topic, it turns out that Yuuri requested for a piece that reflects his skating career as a whole. No wonder it’s too weak, just like Yuuri’s personality. He mustered his strength to contact the person who composed it for him, and she promised that she will rearrange it. Finally, the new and improved version earns Victor’s approval. They’re ready for the next step.

Yurio is making great strides on his practice as well.



Never knew that there will be a title drop on this episode. All along I thought “Yuri!!! on Ice” is just the way it is because it’s ice skating we’re talking about here. But boy we were wrong.


It’s not Yuri on Ice. It’s Yuri, on Ice.

It’s not about Yuuri as a skater, but more of his feelings toward skating  not just as a sport, but as his first love as well. 🙂

More animation differences

It’s really frustrating, to be honest. But we can’t do anything about it at this time, right? So let’s hope for the best that next week’s episode will not end up like this too.

Since this post is a lot more image-heavy compared to the rest of the reviews, I’ll just compile the differences between the two versions here (pardon me, I’m a WordPress noob, so I can’t adjust the photo size). Again, thefirst one is the Crunchyroll version, while the latter is the Japanese version.

Mila and Yurio




Victor listening to the song


Who is it really, Victor or Yuuri??


For now, let’s wait for episode 5!!! TT^TT

This post was understandably late, so I didn’t realize that Goboiano already posted an article ages ago highlighting all the differences between the two versions. Believe me, I only stumbled upon it while I was on break from doing the finishing touches for this post (and I didn’t read it until I’m not finished with this post). I didn’t copy anything, pinky swear~


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