The clock is ticking

Took a leave Tuesday last week, and I will be back at work this Saturday. So far nothing productive has been done, but I’ve taken my sweet time on sleeping, reading, watching, eating. Rinse, repeat. Nothing beats doing things without the rush.

My goodness! I was sucked in a black hole more popularly known as Reddit. Spent countless hours reading articles and following different subreddits.

Also spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching videos about my newest obsession: fountain pens. It’s a vicious cycle. And I’m not even regretting it.

Met up with my high school/college friends on Friday, because I haven’t seen them for years. It was a good reunion–and highly addictive at that. We wanted to meet again and go to oh-so-many-places; we promised to meet at least once a month. One is already a mother, one we weren’t able to reach (and if we did, it seems like the husband is a strict one and might not let her go out for too long–what the actual fuck is this the Spanish Era or Middle Ages or something), while the other two (and me) have schedules that are wildly irreconcilable, so the next meeting will be a challenge. Let’s hope for the best.

I’m still 4 episodes left from finishing NGE, and depending on its Gainax Ending (tried my very best not to look at that hyperlinked page to avoid spoilers) and my reaction to it, I might watch the other offerings of the franchise, just to understand the gist of the story. I’ve heard that the ending is a little fucked up so I’m just bracing myself for the worst. Lol.

After NGE, there are still a lot of series waiting: Utopia Season 2, Black Mirror, Gundam Wing. I’m also reading a book. And my mother wants to go out on Wednesday (of course how can I say no?) Sheeeeeesh.

My personal planner has been languishing in my makeshift desk. I haven’t touched it since I arrived last week. Can’t personalize it as much as I wanted to: my order of a new fountain pen + cartridges + washi tapes haven’t arrived yet. It’s been three days. I’m running out of patience. If it happens that I  have to pick up my order on the nearest branch (of the delivery company they used), I might never buy on that online store again (my fingers are crossed).

Only 4 days left before I go back to work, will I have enough time for all of these things? Let’s see. :-/


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