I’m still alive ver. 2

Ooookay. Almost two weeks had passed, and there’s not much going on. Sorry followers. I’ve let you down for the nth time. 😦

The “have my tablet repaired thingy” didn’t work out as planned. According to the repairman, it seems like the wifi chip thingy is suuuuper close to the motherboard thingy. So if he attempted to remove the wifi chip thingy, there is a huge possibility that the motherboard thingy will be beyond repair. Does that make sense? I didn’t understand what I just said. Didn’t understand him either. All I know is that if he tries to repair it, there is only a 50-50 chance of redeeming my tablet’s wifi. Hey, I did study Computer Science, but I skipped the majors most of the time and just attended the minor subjects! Don’t blame me.

Hmmm what else?

Paypal still isn’t sending me the code I need so I can enroll in the audio transcription gig. Sigh. It’s been more than 1 month. How long should I wait Paypal? Tell me!! *thunder and lightning sounds*

But on to the good news:

  • Done watching The Danish Girl!!! Beautiful. That’s all I can say. Marvelous. Breathtaking. Terrific. Superb.
  • Done downloading Shigurui: Death Frenzy! Now I think I might do some relieving first (sorry, that’s gross) or maybe trying not to read it after eating so I won’t feel queasy while reading, just to be on the safe side of things.
  • I also downloaded Tokyo Ghoul (can’t find Tokyo Ghoul re: though) and Parasyte on the side, so the weekdays after work will be a reading marathon of sorts. Isn’t my life exciting? Lol.
  • Still loving the Blue Neighborhood album by Troye Sivan. Sigh *dreamy eyes*
  • Enjoying the albums Feeling of Unity by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Buiiki Kaesu!! by Maximum the Hormone, both Japanese bands. This is the kind of noise I like, especially with all the happenings in the office that I really do not like.
  • Still looking for that flumpool album. I must persevere!

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