[Half-assed summary] I Hate

i hate1

Title: I Hate

Mangaka: Natsume Kazuki

Complete: Yes || Volumes: 1

Genre: Yaoi

A 27-year old virgin working at a furniture store meets again the source of his trauma. What could possibly go wrong?

Yay! I remembered reading this a loooong time ago, and stumbled upon it on one of the sites I frequently visit *ahem*, so today I decided to make a review of it. Voila!

First thing’s first: this is not a one-shot (whew). This is actually one complete volume, with the main couple’s story in chapters 1 and 2 (called I Love), then another story, No Where, Now Here (in two parts as well), plus a couple of extra pages for both stories. The scanlator only translated the first chapter. From what I know, no one has done a full translation of chapter 2 yet, only bits and pieces on Tumblr.

Second, the art. Well this is a little sketchy and messy, not as messy as Shoowa’s works. But it’s nice. Sometimes I like the art to be a little sloppy (in style), so I can focus on the plot, as well as the plot (see what I did there, lol).

Now on to the story.

Hiro, a guy who loves buildings and other construction thingy, has been working in a furniture and fixtures company. Lololol at the name.

i hate0

Just to be clear, this is not our construction guy. He’s the other guy. But hey, Nikea, seriously? Bwahahaha!

Enter the other guy, who was his classmate in high school. Turns out the other guy is now a host. We’ll call him Host-san. He is looking for a company who will do some changes in the design of the club where he’s working at. That’s where Hiro, our construction guy, comes in.

At the age of 27, Hiro is still a virgin until now because of a trauma. He can’t kiss girls. His buddy turns limp even at the thought of kissing a girl. The source of the trauma? It’s no other than Host-san! (Seriously, I can’t remember his name. Sorry. Or was it mentioned in the manga in the first place??)

i hate2

Aha! That’s where the trauma came from… *strokes beard* (oops I forgot I don’t have a beard)

So basically during high school, (future) Host-san introduced the term “kiss-friends” to our innocent (future) construction guy, and kissed him whenever he got the chance.

i hate3

Smooth. Very smooth.

The poor guy doesn’t even get it. Fufufufufu~

i hate4

But one day, Hiro thinks that he should get a girlfriend, which upsets (future) Host-san.

i hate 5

How can you say that? Well, I’m not a guy, but a kiss is a kiss! It should feel good somehow! (Maybe brush your teeth first, I guess?)

(Future) Host-san went a little further than kissing and scared our poor Hiro. He avoided (future) Host-san until graduation, and ran off to Tokyo. Sad.

That’s what happened before. Now going back to the current situation..

i hate7

Just admit it, okay. You liked it.

So now, Hiro tried not to be alone with Host-san as much as possible. But what the hey, it seems he’s the only one who remembers what happened back then! He doesn’t understand whys and hows of his situation, so asked an officemate for an advice.

i hate6

Good job, Officemate-san! I’m starting to like this guy.

But the truth is, Host-san still remembers everything.

He remembered Hiro-san telling him during high school how he likes construction. When Hiro slipped and Host-san managed to catch him, he let Hiro rest for a bit, and offered him a can of coffee. Hiro was surprised that Host-san remember that he only drinks black coffee with no sugar. That’s when he realized the reason why he was unable to take the guy out of his head ever since high school. And why he can’t kiss girls.

Host-san eventually apologizes to Hiro-san for all the things he did during high school, and asks him to forget it. But Hiro is having none of it.

i hate9

Now the cat is out of the bag. Fufufufu~

Turns out the feeling is mutual, though Host-san is being quite an arrogant bastard about it. Hahahaha.

i hate11

Look at him. He’s relieved that our Hiro-san is still a virgin.

I’m quite upset that this didn’t turned out as I hoped for though (I’m sure other fujoshi will agree with me too).

i hate12

Just a kiss?! Dammit! Where’s the smex?

I was flipping the pages over and over, hoping for a miracle, but this is all we get. *sighs*

i hate10

“Just for a while to that love hotel over there.”  I just died.

But I love you now, Officemate-san! You’re so great!!!

Snap back to reality. As I’ve said earlier, there is a continuation which is I Love.

i love1

Am I going to love this? Let’s see.

I have the Japanese scans, but I haven’t seen it yet in full. Let’s see if I can still keep my hopes up..

i love2

Hmm. Looking good.. (though I can’t understand shit)


i love3

Getting lovey-dovey..


i love4

OMG. (0.0)


i love5

Do it, dang it, DO ITTTTTTT!!!!


i love6



i love7

Wa wa wa..they didn’t go all the way!!! *sobs in a corner*

Oh well, at least in the end, they did realize that their feelings are mutual..

All in all, it was a good read. Refreshing too. Not doing it all the way in the end made it a lot nicer, because it’s not just about sex, which in the yaoi genre, are dime a dozen. This also made it a lot more realistic than the usual flow of a yaoi story.

Looking forward for more works from this author. Oops, there is one, entitled Mods. I’ll review it someday.


P.S.: Not my scans. The translated chapter was skilfully done by Girls Generation scanlations. The Japanese scans were made by daisenku and was posted at aarinfantasy. If you’re the owner of the scans and you read my post, just message me if you want me to remove this. The cover photo for this post was taken from the raws as well.


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