New Year, New Beginnings?

This post will be personal again. I’m in no mood to write reviews and such, as our family is deeply bothered (and scared) of the big step we’ll all be taking this year: we will buy a new house.

The one we’re living in right now was already paid on 2014, but it needs a few repairs, mainly the ceilings are already leaking, especially in the kitchen and living room, and the neighbors are noisy as ever.

We decided against renovating the house (which will be cheaper than buying a new one) since the neighborhood is not as nice as before–so many people, noisy, and the other neighbors that are only renting act as if they own the place. The homeowner assoc bans keeping animals in the area, and yet we have neighbors with chickens here. There are a looooot of kids as well, and I’m not very fond of them, to be honest.

Where the hell did those children came from? When we moved in to this place 11 years ago, it was much more quiet. Now, not a day will pass without hearing the noise of the dogs barking, chickens clucking and kids shouting and mauling each other (earlier, a kid was singing “Flashlight” by Jessie J very loudly, non-stop. Fuck it. I really hate that trash of a song. Sorry, Jessie J fans).

My father is three years short of retiring age, and people in this stage in their life need a quiet place to stay and relax. This is not possible on our current place, since their room and bed are small. Moreover, the noise coming from the other houses can be heard clearly from the inside. My parents are starting to exhibit signs of insomnia, so this is a pressing concern. The new house we’ll be getting will have ample space for the five of us, with three bedrooms spacey enough for our bodies to lie down and to keep our stuff as well.

This is nothing extravagant, we chose the house that we can only afford (no parking lots, no balconies and other shit). Just the most basic house we can all live comfortably in. It’s the downpayment that’s crippling us at the moment. The good thing is that we’ll only have to pay the downpayment for a year. After that, the normal monthly amortization will kick in, which I can cover with what I’m earning right now.

The housing loan will be placed under my name, and the downpayment plus bank charges are a lot more than what I earn in a month. In order to get the housing loan, I had my brother as a co-borrower to meet the income requirements.

In short, even my entire untouched salary is not even enough to cover the downpayment. And I’m even renting a space so I can be near work. I also have bills to pay, such as my insurance and internet fees. I want to cry.

So to augment the expenses I am desperate for overtime work in the office, which is becoming scarcer since it’s the first month of the new year. Also, I’ll be doing online transcription services, if I pass the screening process next week. And with that, I need to get ahead of my internet fees (which luckily has a flat rate) so I can work continuously. Hopefully I’m not yet that deaf so I can understand the audio I’ll be transcribing.

Let’s hope for the best.


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