It’s almost New Year and I’m sick

I’ve been coughing like mad for the past few days. Ugh. This sucks big time. I can’t even focus on writing something.

I’ll be skipping work today. It’s super cold in the office and I might embarrass myself with my coughing all day long. That cannot do!


Is it wrong to feel annoyed of your parents sometimes?

I understand the “you wouldn’t be alive without them” and other shit, but there are times when I really am annoyed. 

Is this wrong? I don’t think it is. They’re human too, and they make mistakes. But I’m a human being as well, and my patience is not infinite.

Unfortunately I live in a country where the parents are still absolutes in the house. Voicing your objections and criticism (constructive and whatnot) will be met not with open-mindedness and acceptance of the way things are different from their time, but with the immediate accusation that you are being unfilial. Sigh

My cat is currently confined

It’s now her third day, and more than the thought of the expenses for the confinement and medication, I’m dreading the possibility that my cat might not be able to make it.

The vet said he has distemper, a rather serious disease of cats and dogs. He doesn’t have an appetite, he can’t even breathe through his nose. They had to nebulize him even now and then to help him breathe. I want to cry.

He’s still fighting, and I am really hoping he gets better. I know he can do it. I’ll be working hard so we can pay the bills, so please please please don’t give up. 

Fun stops here

I’m a sucker for Google Chrome (the Adblock plus! Ghostery! The cute Totoro theme!) despite hating its tracking features. Security-wise I really hate it. But I’m pretty much more familiar with it compared to other browsers. Even I’m using Mac I prefer Chrome over Safari. Too bad it ends here.

Just found out the bad news today: Chrome will be dropping support for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. The fuck. Does this tell me that I have to say goodbye to Snow Leopard? But I loooooove it. Now I’m really sad.

Maybe this tells me to upgrade now to El Capitan (or maybe Mavericks or Yosemite). Though I doubt if my rickety old laptop will be able to handle it. *sobs*

Expectations’ Ill Effect: Knights of Sidonia

I looooooved Blame!, so I guess I need to start reading this now to see the difference. Though admittedly I never liked the animated series of Knights of Sidonia (I saw the trailer once). I really, really hated it when they merge the “old-school” style of anime (the hand-drawn ones) with CGI effects in one scene. It looks so off, or maybe it’s just me. But then, I’ve read Blame! and NOiSE, so for the love of Nihei Tsutomo I’ll watch it.

Source: Expectations’ Ill Effect: Knights of Sidonia

“A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues

Too bad I only have the volume 1. I read it because I am very intrigued with the story; too bad it was discontinued. If I only knew. I saw the 2nd volume  a year ago in one of the thrift bookstores, but I didn’t buy it. I should’ve. Sigh. I still didn’t learn from my mistakes.

Source: “A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues