Expectations’ Ill Effect: Knights of Sidonia

I looooooved Blame!, so I guess I need to start reading this now to see the difference. Though admittedly I never liked the animated series of Knights of Sidonia (I saw the trailer once). I really, really hated it when they merge the “old-school” style of anime (the hand-drawn ones) with CGI effects in one scene. It looks so off, or maybe it’s just me. But then, I’ve read Blame! and NOiSE, so for the love of Nihei Tsutomo I’ll watch it.

Source: Expectations’ Ill Effect: Knights of Sidonia


“A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues

Too bad I only have the volume 1. I read it because I am very intrigued with the story; too bad it was discontinued. If I only knew. I saw the 2nd volume  a year ago in one of the thrift bookstores, but I didn’t buy it. I should’ve. Sigh. I still didn’t learn from my mistakes.

Source: “A Kaleidoscopic Tour-De-Force” – Me and The Devil Blues