No. 6 – a briefer

Now I’m trying to finish reading No. 6, a manga adapted from the original novel by Asano Atsuko and drawn by Kino Hinoki. I just finished watching the anime version a couple of months ago for starters. So far, there’s only a couple of chapters left, and I can say that the anime was pretty faithful with the manga, with only a handful of scenes added (to fit the anime to the prescribed number of episodes, I guess?) I’m still looking for the novel. Hopefully it’s been translated in English. Will the anime and manga version prove faithful to the original version? Let’s find out in the near future.

I just came back from the dentist today, and the anesthesia’s starting to wear off, and my face hurt as fuck. A few minutes ago I thought I’m having migraines, but I just realized that it’s my whole face that’s hurting, not my head. Guess that’s what happens if they pull out a couple and most of them are wisdom teeth. Sheesh.

I’m just waiting for the anesthesia to wear off completely and the painkiller to take effect, so here I am trying to pass the time by reading.

Once I woke up later I’ll try my very best to write up a review about the manga and anime. Bear with me.


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