Spring cleaning

For my rickety old laptop, having 20GB of memory left is quite alarming, so I decided out of the blue to delete unused applications as well as files (but this will take forever, so, I started with applications first). That gave me almost 2GB more space. Happy.

I also deactivated some accounts tied up with certain applications, like Evernote. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote is nice. The idea is cool. The layout is pleasing to the eyes. But I am an old soul. I realized that I really need to keep my penmanship in its tip-top condition (which had gotten worse due to the nature of my work–incessant typing), and a good way to bring it back to its shape is to keep on writing. Instead of saving notes in a third-party application, I should just rely on a teeny-tiny notebook and keep on scribbling. Moreover, I still have my phones and their trusty notepads anyways. And also, I feel like I’m already experiencing the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome (hope not).

This clean-up drive will drag on until next week, when I take a vacation leave for my long-overdue appointment with the dentist. Since I’ll be at home for a week to heal then, might as well make it productive.

Now I’m eyeing my email subscriptions. I hate seeing so many unread emails that will probably remain unread forever. And since I have 3 emails: 1 for professional use, 1 for Google Play Store (I wish I can quit this someday), and 1 just for blahs, I really need to have everything organized.


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