One of my cats is missing

Or rather, he’s not home for like 2-3 days now. And I’m not used to it. He’s usually gone during weekdays, but always comes back on my day off. Sigh.


Turns out I can’t

It’s soo hard to type on an iPhone 4 screen, dammit. I can only use the phone as a browser at best. I’m stuck with this one because my Blackberry’s already showing signs of giving up. Poor thing. Just you wait until Christmas, I’ll be back in the arms of Blackberry. *looks up in the sky*

So for this entry I’m using my laptop, which at present I can only use on my day off, just like today. You see, I brought it before on my boarding house (which leaves me time to sleep for 2-3 hours only due to relentless browsing and downloading). But when I saw the “Service Battery” notification I panicked. So, while I still lack the funds to send the laptop to a licensed Apple Service Center, might as well reduce the usage so as not to burden this poor laptop too much.

It’s not my fault to have an Apple laptop, ok? Nor am I bragging. I got this pre-owned, as a birthday gift from my father couple of years ago. He brought this, he said, so I can bring a laptop for school if needed (I was working and studying then). This is a phased-out, 2010 model (the white plastic one). Nowadays they only sell the aluminum-bodied ones (which I cannot afford). Anyways, though this baby is 2kg heavy, I have a lot of fond memories with it. It’s still working well, and I’m doing my best to keep it in tip-top shape.

In this laptop I created this blog, I created my tumblr blog, I wrote my reports and case digests, and of course, my thesis. Also my rants, my frustrations, my dreams, my pending reads. I wish I can have the battery replaced this year.

But when I snooped around websites for prices, it’s around 9,000Php. *gasps*

It’s hard to own an Apple product, especially if you need to have it fixed. Dammit Apple!