My phone fell into the water earlier

I turned it on after drying it, and it’s working, but after a few minutes it shut down. I really screamed, I swear.  I’m having issues with my phone’s physical keyboard right now and it’s not financially possible to buy a new one right away, so I panicked.

I put a handful of uncooked rice in the wet areas and left it for a couple of hours (since my brother won’t let me bury the phone itself inside the rice dispenser). Now it’s running again. Whew.

That’s what you get when you only let go of things once they’re broken. I really don’t like replacing phones every now and then just to be up-to-date. If it still work, I’ll use it. If it can be repaired, I’ll have it done. End result: my phone’s now battered, surviving several slight (and also brutal) falls, and two water accidents, within a span of three years.

Noooow I’m really scared of what might happen if I replace it with a full-touch screen phone. *shivers*


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