Never thought there was an interview with Aleksandr Voinov..this is nice! I feel like he’s just right there talking in front of me.

*Now, off to reading Mercenaries II. Yay! ❤

"Boys in Our Books"...

Sue interviews freefic author Aleksandr Voinov

Sue: First of all Aleks, I’d like to sincerely thank you and Marquesate for creating my most beloved story of all time… Tell me, did you have any idea while writing this that it would have this kind of impact on leagues of readers? Did you sense you had made something so special?

Aleks: Absolutely not. From my perspective, it was “just playing”, one of those crazy things you do to entertain yourself. We were posting some bits and pieces in a forum, and people were asking to read more, so we did. It built quickly from there, but the size and vehemence of the response left me largely baffled. By now, I kinda get it, but I don’t think you can manufacture this kind of response. It is driven by people recommending it everywhere.

Sue: Special Forces covers a lot of very…

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