On-the-Job T(orture)raining

I still need 100 point something hours to finish my OJT. Dammit, who the hell decided that we need to render 320 fucking hours in the first place? Should’ve made it 300, or 200 at least. The hell.

Now the deal is I have to finish everything by March 13 so I can finally have my clearance signed. No clearance, no graduation. No marching in the aisle.

Done checking the number of hours I still need. Quite glad that my boss approached my while I was doing something earlier. I explained to him my dilemma, and thankfully he understood my situation. He gave me a solution to my problem (of course I won’t tell it here, what if someone who knows me reads about this?), along with the promise that I will still finish my OJT until my original end date, which is until the 18th. Of course I said yes. I really don’t mind staying a bit longer, especially that he is doing me a huge favor. Now that I am done computing, it seems that the solution the boss came up with still won’t suffice. So I really need to render 1 hour overtime everyday until the 13th just so I can catch up. Well, I can say that this is partly my fault..

So much for graduating with flying colors. I can only see one color, and that’s red.


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