REVIEW: “Father Figure” by Kichiku Neko and TogaQ

I’m DEFINITELY curious… *evil smirk*

"Boys in Our Books"...


A deep obsession with his estranged father leads Gabriel down a dangerous, twisting path.
This is an illustrated novel; it contains 19 illustrations.


This is the best most terrible book I’ve read in a long time and I cannot recommend it to anyone.

When I was a little bugger, my mum had to ward off my attempts at touching the hot oven, that for unfathomable reasons held an incredible attraction. Until one day I succeeded, after which tears, blisters, bandages and a brand new My Little Pony heralded the end of an obsession. In a greedy crusade for the next, perfect read that would leave me feeling utterly mind fucked, I came across Father Figure.  Turns out it was exactly like that oven from my youth; fascinating, dangerous and above all…very painful.

I feel strangely empty and unsettled still. Haven’t been able to pick up anything else. Cheerful…

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Never thought there was an interview with Aleksandr Voinov..this is nice! I feel like he’s just right there talking in front of me.

*Now, off to reading Mercenaries II. Yay! ❤

"Boys in Our Books"...

Sue interviews freefic author Aleksandr Voinov

Sue: First of all Aleks, I’d like to sincerely thank you and Marquesate for creating my most beloved story of all time… Tell me, did you have any idea while writing this that it would have this kind of impact on leagues of readers? Did you sense you had made something so special?

Aleks: Absolutely not. From my perspective, it was “just playing”, one of those crazy things you do to entertain yourself. We were posting some bits and pieces in a forum, and people were asking to read more, so we did. It built quickly from there, but the size and vehemence of the response left me largely baffled. By now, I kinda get it, but I don’t think you can manufacture this kind of response. It is driven by people recommending it everywhere.

Sue: Special Forces covers a lot of very…

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Headaches and many other things

I should be busy memorizing my uni’s Vision and Mission statements, plus the Hymn so I can be prepped up for tomorrow. You see, just to get a measly signature on my graduation clearance I need to sing the uni hymn and recite the vision and mission at the Registrar’s Office. The hell.

Instead, I was busy squealing and fangirling because of Special Forces – Soldiers, which you can download for free here. A masterpiece of gay erotic fiction, it tells about the story of Dan (a British SAS soldier) and Vadim (a Soviet Spetsnaz) and their relationship that formed in Kabul, Afghanistan–from hate to rage to respect, understanding, and eventually, love.

It’s dark, brooding, cruel, with lots of violence, the rape, the gore. Not for the faint of heart, surely. I wasn’t surprised on how I managed to read it seamlessly, despite all the violence and hate and stuff. I guess I’m already a broken person on the inside that I managed to read this without cringing (with the exception of Marquis de Sade’s works, that really made me cringe–the visualization’s all too clear). Hahaha.

I’ll stop here for now. Or else I’ll be having problems sleeping because I will keep on reading come hell or high water, completing my clearance tomorrow and my OJT be damned. I guess there’s no need for a thorough analysis for this one, a lot of people had done that online. All I can say is that it’s written marvelously, and I mean it. It just so happened that it’s gay erotica, which I really don’t mind (I like it actually. Teehee.)

Feng Yu Jia Tian thoughts

BL (read: boy’s love, aka m2m, aka boy to boy, etc.) novels have been around since forever, but since I am always late in knowing whatever’s going on around me, it was only a few months ago that I did actually decided to download some. Of course, feeling really comfortable and familiar with Japanese stuff, I read the Japanese ones, like Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai.

But then I discovered something new: Chinese BL manhua (and novels).

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The name game

Still can’t find a decent, catchy name for this stupid excuse of a blog. My current blog name is sooo generic and so bland. Totally shows how “creative” I am *sarcasm*. But it reflects who I really am so I’m thinking of keeping it and adding something else so it wouldn’t look so boring and common.

Bah. Whatever. I’ll just keep this name for now.

On-the-Job T(orture)raining

I still need 100 point something hours to finish my OJT. Dammit, who the hell decided that we need to render 320 fucking hours in the first place? Should’ve made it 300, or 200 at least. The hell.

Now the deal is I have to finish everything by March 13 so I can finally have my clearance signed. No clearance, no graduation. No marching in the aisle.

Done checking the number of hours I still need. Quite glad that my boss approached my while I was doing something earlier. I explained to him my dilemma, and thankfully he understood my situation. He gave me a solution to my problem (of course I won’t tell it here, what if someone who knows me reads about this?), along with the promise that I will still finish my OJT until my original end date, which is until the 18th. Of course I said yes. I really don’t mind staying a bit longer, especially that he is doing me a huge favor. Now that I am done computing, it seems that the solution the boss came up with still won’t suffice. So I really need to render 1 hour overtime everyday until the 13th just so I can catch up. Well, I can say that this is partly my fault..

So much for graduating with flying colors. I can only see one color, and that’s red.