Under pressure

I want to die now.

Just kidding. I have problems with my OJT, and I won’t be able to finish on time. Yesterday I talked to the Dean, so I think I got it covered, but I can never be so sure. I will talk to my OJT adviser again, it won’t hurt if I do it again (I just talked to him last week regarding this matter). I want to make sure that everything will really go smoothly so I cannot rest this week.

You see, my LOA at work will be over by February 28. I need to be back in the office by March 1. The deadline for submission of requirements is March 1 as well. But I’ll be able to finish my OJT on March 19. The deadline for clearance is March 15, max. Graduation is on March 30.


Ugh, we even have a defense for our OJT subject! My goodness! And here I though I was over and done with oral defense! Sigh.


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