Recent going-ons and whatnot

Sigh. So much for my self-imposed promise of posting here at least once a week.

I even did a (sort of) review in the past, but then I haven’t made follow-ups until now. Though I’m away from work for 2 months, my OJT and my studies are keeping me busy. I even tried my luck on committing to jog at least 2-3 times a week (but now I’m on a 2-week hiatus, and it’s still on going). And of course, sleeping. It is a very important part of my life, so yeah. Haha.

Now I really, really, really need to set things straight. I always end up staring off to space or sleeping right away, if not, downloading (read: hoarding) BL mangas like there’s no tomorrow. And I didn’t even have the gall to share my reads with others. So selfish of me! *bows*

Coming in to work for my OJT for the past 2 months kept me busy not only physically, but mentally. Aside from memorizing all the tasks that needs to be done (where this prosecutor’s office is, where this stack of documents need to be forwarded, blah), it made me think of the more concrete, adult-ish things in life.

Here I am, approaching 30 in a few years more, and yet I’m engrossed in (BL) fantasies and other things that would normally interest teenagers. I don’t have much friends aside from the ones I meet at work and my classmates. I don’t go out. After school and/or work, I head straight home. Sometimes I stray towards the mall to walk around, but more often to the nearest bookstore. I rarely go places. In short, I am a very boring person.

Most of my high school and (previous uni) college classmates have already settled down, and others are on their way in building one. While me, I still act like I’m 16 years old, though I don’t look like one. The hell. As if I care.

But let’s go back to this blog. For the nth time I guess I really need to fulfill my promise to myself and get my ass to work. For today I’ll think of anything that I can post on this blog, review or whatnot. I really don’t care if someone reads this or not. I just need some exercise.


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