Confused and posting

There’s so many things going in and out of my mind right now, so I don’t have much time (or sometimes, too lazy to find some time) in editing this blog. I have a lot of things to post, but I am always away from the keyboard 99% of the time, and I don’t have internet on my phone (that would ruin my life for sure). So the ideas (how rubbish they may be) often left unposted and forgotten. At present I don’t even have an idea on what to post in this thing.

So, here I am again. Starting all over from scratch. And now I am quite confused on how to go about this blog. How do I change my username? Is it even possible to be changed? What’s this fucking avatar? How can I add captions for the images? The hell. I studied Computer Science before, but I’m not a techie. And since I prefer my minor subjects over majors, and my teacher’s annoying as hell, I ended up learning nothing. And the lessons are outdated as well: who uses Turbo Basic or C these days?! Or maybe I’m just too dumb when it comes to programming.

Oh what the heck, I’ll just look it up on Google.


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