Payday blues.

Tomorrow is payday and ramen day with my officemates.

But before I lose my cool and splurge in wanton spending, I MUST list all my expenses this month. Following it to the last cent is another matter tho. But no, I must persevere. I still have to enroll next month, you kno.


2 semesters. 9 subjects left. 1 year to go. These are the things that must come to pass before I graduate. But I’m still scrambling where to get the money for the downpayment. (But I have money to spare for the ramen, no? BAAAA-KA.)


My stomach’s acting up lately. It seems that my metabolism has taken a downward spiral ever since I switched to graveyard shift. Now I need drink tea every now and then to clean things up. Looks like I still haven’t followed my resolution to eat healthy. Now I eat fruits almost everyday, I’m cutting down on coffee from everyday to 2-3 times a week, drink more milk, walk more, but of course, it’s not enough. I need to lose more weight.

Hope my class sched this sem would be more cooperative with my working sched so I can squeeze in my long-planned-but-not-yet-materialized jogging spree on a daily basis. Primarily not to lose weight fast (but I wouldn’t mind if that happens), but to strengthen my endurance. Walking up stairs is becoming a nightmare for me, and I’m not even overweight.


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