First day without NU 107 is sooooo f*cking ______

Sad? Boring? Different? Not the same as before? Feel free to fill in the blanks.

It’s kind of sad to be a witness to something that will be gone eventually. It’s like seeing someone die slowly. Like seeing a rainbow fade after a heavy rain. Like your boyfriend breaking up with you after he just asked you to marry him. Like seeing your house that you’ve been living for, say 10 years, including your collections, possessions and other things turning slowly to ashes.

But, as Lourd de Veyra says, it’s better to burn out than fade away.

I like what Jordan said yesterday on a live phone patch by Roxy and Pontri: No one can outlive NU, and those jologs stations will only last for a short time, or something to that effect.  I have nothing against being jologs and all since this is a free country(!), but if you already have a chock-full of radio stations, all with the same f*cking format (read: tot tot tot, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan, etc, etc) and if you’re thirsting for rock music, where will you listen to? More probably, NU’s new format will almost be the same as these stations. And U92 suffered the same fate.

But it’s much more painful to see NU 107 close down. For good.

It’s been 23 years. Only on the last day did I knew that it was born on November 7, 1987, exactly 2 mos after I was born. It’s such a shame, that I’ve only learned (and made it a habit) to listen to NU only a few years ago, and not even everyday.

The saying “you only knew that something is important unless it’s gone”  rings true in my case. My parents are not fans of rock music. I was exposed to alternative and rock music when I was in high school, and only the more “commercial” ones. I started listening to NU when I was in college. I even don’t listen to it everyday. But it’s too late. no one’s to blame, but me, I guess. Now it’s up to me to look for ways so I can still enjoy the kind of music that I wanted to hear.

But it’s a lot harder for those bands that deserve to shine, to be discovered, but no other station can play their songs, the stations being afraid that it won’t sell, it doesn’t fit the masa taste, and impact them financially. Well, there are stations/recording companies that accept unsigned bands, but most of them accept jinglemakers. Those that can rake in more money for the recording company. The more people liking the music, the better. Damn musicality. Damn those lyrics with sense, true talent and genius.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating. Or maybe I’m not. Anyhow, this is my opinion.

Well, business is business. Money is the priority..and loyalty to the stockholders.

Anyways, there’s still RJ 105.9 Underground Radio…but hell, it’s waaaay too different compared to NU. For me it sounded a little too..old. Yes, I’ve listened to it, especially the show where they play classic OPM folk rock, but for me it’s still lacking. I hope they create new shows that will cater to the fans of NU.

Now I want to get rich. desperately. So I can buy back NU107.


Well, yesterday I’ve listened to the station for like, around 4 hrs, while traveling from work to home and before going to sleep.  I want to listen to its “final hours” (ouch), before going off air on midnight. I started at around 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm. So I can be awake until midnight I decided to sleep at 4:10 pm and wake up at 6 pm, just in time for Francisbrew’s final installment of In The Raw, hoping to listen to Twisted Halo. I even set the alarm. and I had my earphones and cellphone beside me for easy access.

But I was too tired, I didn’t hear the alarm, and I fell asleep way until 4:55 am! Damn it! Cursing under my breath, I plugged the earphones and set the frequency to NU107.5 (actually I didn’t have to. it’s already set once I turn on the radio on my cellphone), hoping maybe, just maybe, that all the rumors I’ve heard for the past 2 weeks was just a dream. A nightmare. A hoax.

I increased the volume to the maximum. But all I heard was static. 😦

*Senti moments originally posted on Monday, November 8, 2010 6:51  PM.


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