Woohoo! I made it!

..to the 2010 NU107 rock awards. On the day itself, while still in the office, one of my officemates is busy reading the newspaper. She saw the ad for the rock awards, then remarked that she didn’t realized that it will happen on that day.

This was what transpired before my shift ends:

Me: Yes, it ’s today. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. It’s only on an invitational basis, I didn’t win the raffle, so I don’t have tickets. I tried joining a few times, but I guess malas talaga akong tao.

Officemate: Do you want to go?

M: Yes, of course, I’d love to, especially, this is the last..but i can’t, because i don’t have tickets!

O: I want to go, I think I can get tickets, but I don’t want to go there alone.  But do you really want to?

M: Yes, yes, yes!

O: Give me your phone. I don’t have minutes left. I need to text someone so we can get tickets.

**After a few minutes, someone called my number. My officemate answered it.**

O: All set, we now have tickets. And it’s VIP!

M: Wee!!  I love you!

And that’s how it happened. On that same day, Igot the tickets, and the two of us went there.

Well, there’s Hayden Kho. I texted mama, telling her that Hayden’s there. She replied immediately, saying that I should take a picture of him. She finds him very handsome. Too bad I wasn’t able to. There’s a lot of people around him, I’m not into celebs, I’m too shy to ask if he could pose for me so I can show it to my mother, and my phone is very ancient (2 MP, no flash, very slow, because it’s already filled to the brim with my music and videos).

I just concentrated on finishing the show and savoring my first (and last) NU107 rock awards. Too bad I was unable to take clear, crisp photos (as always, whenever I attend a gig or concert).

Oh well, stop whining. Without further ado, here are the winners: *

Artist of the Year                      Franco

Album of the Year                    Franco – Franco

Vocalist of the Year                 Gabby Alipe – Urbandub

Guitarist of the Year                Peavy “Sideshow” Nicolas, Fran Lorenzo – Sleepwalk Circus

Bassist of the Year                    Lalay Lim – Urbandub

Drummer of the Year              Otep Concepcion – Ozawa / In Love and War

Song of the Year                        This Gathering – Franco

Best New Artist                          Tanya Markova

In The Raw Award                   The Flying Ipis

Listeners Choice                         Franco

Video of the Year                      Disney – Tanya Markova

Best Album Packaging            Sleepwalk Circus

URock College Band of the  Year   Reese & Vica of Ateneo

Producer of the Year               Angee Rozul & Ely Buendia & Robert Javier – In Love and War

Best Live Act                               Tanya Markova

Hall of Fame                               Angee Rozul

Pinakacute musician/DJ award   Francis Brew

*This was taken from NU107’s page on facebook, the last award being the most special. Teehee. 🙂


*Originally posted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 11:50 AM, when the excitement was still high.


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