No more NU 107?!

I’m watching Sapul sa Singko right now (before it’s just Sapul), while cleaning the house.  Nagbago na sila ng format. Instead of 2 hrs, they’ve extended it to 3, with additional hosts and segments pa. Pero panalo talaga si Lourd de Veyra. He’s the main (not “major major!”) reason why I’ve become one of their regular viewers.

It’s nice that they’ve made a conscious effort to make improvements on that show. Before, when someone is speaking, you can barely hear them for the background music is louder than the volume of the mic. Now at least I can hear them.


My brother and I got the biggest shock of our lives when we stumbled upon the most depressing news last night: NU107 will be gone! (not really gone, but they will undergo a major change.)

Noon, yung LA 105.9. (kaso, hindi na ito nakaabot sa aking kamalayan, naririnig ko lang sa mga old-timers)

Tapos, it was U93 FM, kaya nawala na yung Brewrats.

Tapos yung RockEd radio.

Now, it’s NU107.

When I checked NU107’s page on Facebook, there isn’t any sign of the impending doom (except for the comments of frantic avid listeners). Probably they will announce it on the 16th Rock Awards, which makes me even more depressed.  Not only I want to see my favorite bands receive an awards (awards!) they truly deserve, but I also want to see with my own eyes how they will announce this (very, very..) upsetting news to everyone.

It’s not like someone’s dying, you know, but definetely, one of the reasons why (I think) the management decided to do this is because (akala nila) medyo napapag-iwanan na sila ng ibang radio stations (i.e., the stations with “masa appeal”, the ones who keep playing Justin Beiber  and Miley Cyrus all day long, etc etc…arrgh! [sorry, I don’t like their music]) I have nothing against the “masa appeal” thing, but the problem is, mawawalan na ng alternative yung mga taong gustong makarinig ng ibang kanta. There are more than 5 radio stations with the same f*cking format in the airwaves kaya wag na nilang dagdagan pa! Personally, Nu107 is the only one (aside from 105.9 RJ Underground Radio) that I listen to on a regular basis.

Probably they want to change the image of the stations so that more people can relate to it (like Love Radio or WRR?), which of course, will definitely change the type of music played in the station. They say the change will not be drastic though. Regardless (”Killing Me Softly” playing in the background…).

One of my favorite shows is the Remote Control Weekend. Well, as far as I know, other stations have this kind of show, but what makes this particular show so special for me is that the playlist (which is requested by listeners) creates a unique blend of different songs spanning a wide range of genres. Well, I’m not that knowledgeable and not that particular about genres (I could say that I’m a late bloomer when it comes to the rock music thing), but I definitely get a high when I hear, say, Queso or Greyhoundz, then Tori Amos, then Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead, the Led Zep and Bullet for My Valentine, in that particular order. It’s hard to explain, really, but it’s like drinking 9 shots of brandy then gulping 3 cups of coffee afterwards.

That’s where I first heard Twisted Halo’s “Public Service Annoucement” . It’s such a shame though, that they don’t play that song very often, no matter how many times I’ve requested it in the past. Is it because of the topic of the song? Isama mo pa yung “Sayaw sa Bubog” ng The Jerks, though mas madalas ko itong naririnig dun.

Oh well. Hay naku. Kakalungkot naman. Sana me mayamang mahilig sa rock music ang makaisip na bumili sa NU107. Sus, kung marami nga lang akong pera e, ako’ng gagawa. 🙂
P.S. Maybe, just maybe, this would help: sign the petition! Save NU107! 🙂


*Tuesday, October 26, 2010 9:57 am. As of 7:54 AM, same day (typed in on my cellphone).


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