Want to follow your favorite yaoi mangakas via Twitter?

NOTE: List updated as of April 4, 2018.

I’ve created a master list of Twitter accounts of Japanese yaoi mangakas I’ve followed over the years. Alternately, you can also click the BL Mangaka Twitter accts shortcut on the top of this webpage.


Some very important things to consider:

  • This list is only for Japanese yaoi mangakas only. I don’t read Korean manhwa, and so far the only Chinese manhua I’m currently reading is 19 Days by Old Xian.
  • Only official Twitter accounts are included. Some mangakas also have a separate account for their current/best-selling, ongoing work, if I can find it I’ll include them too.
  • Once you follow them, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF YAOI, DO NOT POST SCREENSHOTS OF SCANLATED CONTENT AND TAG THE MANGAKA! It would be very insulting if you posted screenshots of scanlated content and tag the mangaka.
    • This already happened before. And even if a particular mangaka liked the post, it doesn’t mean that they are cool with it. It’s just them being too polite. Deep inside, they’re sad that their works are being distributed illegally. If you don’t want to be blocked and/or reported, don’t do it.
    • I am so guilty of this sometimes. I’m fighting the urge not to get too excited.
    • Most mangakas aren’t well versed in English (I’m not insulting them, ok). It’s just a form of courtesy to avoid replying to their post using a language that they cannot understand. It also causes them inconvenience as they may feel pressured to reply–in English/another language–to your post. If it’s their birthday, a simple “Happy Birthday” will do. For other posts, a simple like or retweet will do. Or just use emojis or GIFs! Be creative!
    • If you want to reply in Japanese, keep in mind that online translation software currently available are not yet perfect and instead could cause misunderstanding on their part, so do this at your own risk. If it’s just a simple “thank you”, “congratulations”, etc, in English, then perhaps you could do it. Use your common sense and judgment.
  • Unless stated, I will not include bara (not my cup of tea) and shota (well, obviously) mangakas.



[screenshots] Neko to Spica


Posting here yet another screenshot of a manga I may or may not review. Idk anymore..but it’s so cute isn’t?

Manga: Neko to Spica (Cat and Spica)

Mangaka: Hatoya Tama

Scanlated: Yes

Chapters: 1 volume, 4 chapters (+ 1 side story and an extra chapter)

Warning: NSFW under the cut, naturally.

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[screenshots] Kuuchuu Houyou


Yeah, yeah. I’m a sucker for pretty art. I know.

Name: Kuuchuu Houyou

Mangaka: Sayoko

Scanlated: No? I’m not really sure.

High school student Rei’s days are unfulfilling.

But one day, a certain man catches his eye. The café owner Kuranosuke, a warmhearted adult. Not wanting to be treated like a kid, Rei lies about his age, claiming to be 20 years old. Even though they only met once, his interest in Kuranosuke grows. But, he doesn’t want to get too involved…

Unable to withstand his kindness any longer, Rei kisses Kuranosuke. However…

Warning: image-heavy post. NSFW, of course.

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The Night Benjie Tan Hooked up the Philippines to the Internet

Not may people would remember (or care) about this event where it all started. But thank you to the pioneers that made this possible. 🙂

The Ayson Chronicles

In March 2001, I pitched a story to the Inquirer. The 7th Anniversary of the Philippine connection to the Internet was coming up (the exact date is March 29, 1994). Would they be interested in an account of the events of that day?

My idea was to retell the story in narrative form, similar to the techniques used in non-fiction tech classics like “The Soul of the New Machine” and  “Pirates of Silicon Valley” (and more recently, “Accidental Billionaires” which became the basis for the film “The Social Network.”) The editors said yes, so I went off and interviewed some of the principals involved in that historic event.

The result was two stories – the main story was serialized in two parts, published in print over two days . A sidebar that went overboard was the untold story of how Benjie Tan

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\(ㅍ _ ㅍ) (• ㅿ •.)/ Ten Count anime announced today!



It really is Christmas this month. I’m so happy!!!! ^_^

Finally, Ten Count will have its own anime series! Sensei confirms this, as shown in her tweet above.

There are no PVs yet, no official Twitter account, nothing else yet. The announcement was made through the release of its final volume. The anime announcement was indicated in the tankoubon’s obi (jacket cover/banner?)

But wait. Since Ten Count is included in the 6 Lovers OVA (which is currently on hold), does this mean that it will no longer push through? If anyone has any information and/or can understand Japanese, please let us know.


For more updates, you may follow the following Twitter accounts (all in Japanese, sadly):

  • Sensei’s official account: here
  • Official Ten Count information: here
  • Ten Count game details (yes, there is a game!): here
  • Shinshokan’s Ten Count page: here

Summary (from Baka Updates):

When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?


“Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu” will also have its own anime!!!


taken from the official Twitter page (see links below)

OMG, is it Christmas?!?! One of my most favorite manga will have an anime series!?!?!

First, they announced Yaribu‘s anime, then this! Though Yaribu will only be a DVD release (here’s to hoping that the smut scenes will still be there), Dakaretai will be a full-pledged anime series! *dies from too much happiness*

Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu is an ongoing manga by Sakurabi Hashigo. You may follow these Twitter accounts for updates: official website | manga’s official Twitter acct | official Twitter acct for the anime

The anime will be aired on Fall 2018.

As of posting, the PV is not yet released internationally on Youtube (from the official website, the PV is region-locked so I can’t see it *sobs*), so feel free to visit the official anime Twitter account instead for the video:


Summary (from Baka Updates):

Saijou Takato’s 5 year reign as the “Most Huggable No. 1” has been snatched. Stealing his thunder is the newbie actor with a 3-year debut, Azumaya! Towards the stuffy hostile Takato, Azumaya’s sincere sparkling smile starts to become effective. Even as Takato sets his alert level on MAX, Azumaya catches Takato in his shameful drunken state and uses it to blackmail him! In exchange for Azumaya’s silence, Azumaya states, “Please let me hold you”…?! “Embrace me, who was the Most Huggable No.1? What the heck is he saying!” Includes a large quantity of other high suspense erotic stories ❤

“Yarichin Bitch Bu” will have an anime adaptation!!

yaribu anime

taken from the official Twitter page (see links below)

Ogeretsu Tanaka-sensei’s ongoing manga Yarichin Bitch Bu will have an anime, and the PV is out!

For real-time updates, you may follow the anime’s dedicated Twitter account, as well as Tanaka-sensei’s Twitter account.

The first episode will be released on September 2018, as a bonus for the manga’s 3rd volume (I can’t read Japanese so I used Google translate. *blush* I might be wrong on some details, please feel free to correct me). CORRECTION: The anime will only be a DVD release, so it’s highly likely that this is going to be an OVA(s). I’m still hoping that they will keep it uncensored and smutty though..

Which reminds me, I remembered that I did participate in a voting thingy about what manga you would like to be animated (not just yaoi, but all genres). For yaoi genre, the following were included: Given, Seven Days, Harukaze no E’tranger, and Yarichin Bitch Bu (I might have forgotten the other titles, ugh). I chose Given of course, so I was kind of surprised that Yaribu was chosen. I hope we’ll see more anime adaptations of yaoi mangas in the next seasons!

Summary (taken from Baka Updates):

Freshmen Toono moves to Tokyo in order to transfer to an all-male-academy, surrounded by the mountains [Private Academy Mori-Mori]. Our friendly character Yaguchi is the first one to befriend him, but the lack of interest in sports coming from Toono, force him to join the photography club instead of the soccer club with Yaguchi. Not only is it called the photography club, but also “The Yarichin Bitch club”, whose members are outstanding senpai’s. Besides Toono, there’s also a new member in the club: Kashima senpai, they both started the same day, and they don’t seem to have any problem at all, even when Toono gets confessed in the club! Toono thinks that Yaguchi is adorable, but he always ends up blushing whenever Kashima is near. But above anything else, there are feelings found between the senpais…